About Colex Homes

Even before the business was registered on December 9th 1992, Owners and Managing Directors of Colex Homes Colin Smith and John Xerri were heavily involved in the building industry in Victoria.

Both Colin and John have over 50 years of experience building homes from the ground up and bring this expertise to the every day hands on running of Colex Homes.

Since it was established in 1992, Colex Homes has grown from just Colin and John to over 10 permanent staff and many trusted contractors.

At Colex Homes, we tailor our homes to suit your needs and circumstances. You will not be locked into one set design but are rather encouraged to explore different options to create a unique and attractive home in every way.

Building a home is a huge commitment. At Colex Homes, we understand how important it is to make sure the building process runs as smoothly as possible.

So when you need to speak to someone during the construction of your home, the staff at Colex Homes are very easy to contact. You can be sure that your questions and queries will be answered quickly, and you are not given the run around.

We ensure that your home is built within a timeframe that good quality homes should be built in. Colex Homes prides itself in offering you high quality homes whilst still providing great value for money.

That’s why at Colex Homes; the people who build our display homes are also the people who build your home. This ensures that the quality you see built into our display homes is also the same quality built into your home.

Directors Colin Smith and John Xerri
Managing Directors: Colin Smith and John Xerri
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