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Dear Colin and John,

This email of mine is to thank the team at Colex for their exceptional work in helping me construct my first home. I am really pleased with the result. A very special mention to Yvette, Jason and Joe.

Yvette has exceptional qualities of a sales person. She is aggressive and passionate at what she does and most importantly comforting with her dealings. Prior to meeting Yvette I researched over 30 builders and made a stop upon meeting her. Not only did she know what I was looking for but her advice and comforting personality won me over to trust her with her work. I guess that is the key building trust in your business is more important than selling the product. The product sells itself its the people behind your counters who need to work and aspire to what Yvette does. She helped me throughout the process and stayed with me until completion. Which is very unlike other builders in the market who push you on to various people at different stages during the building process. Her work made me refer 4 of my friends without a blinker and will refer more in future.

I then met Jason who has an attitude of customer centricity. He was always eager to help and never used the word NO. He was always positive and eager to find solutions to every problem. When I spoke to people about my process of building I was always told of the hassles that one goes through but with people like Jason I could respond that I have not had any issues till date. It is employees like Jason who build the brand image and win consumer confidence. Please thank Jason from my end in an open forum and his work needs to be recognised just like Yvette's

Lastly my gratitude to Joe who has been really efficient and helpful again in all the small things I have had to deal with him. He has been really professional with his dealing and I really appreciate all his efforts.

In all I wanted to say with people like the above three the organisation speaks a lot its culture among employees and this is this best ingredient to a successful organisation. I hope to continue spreading the word for Colex like I do amongst my client's. As a Business Banking Manager I manage a lot of builder clientele and developers. And I have really spoken highly of your work in meetings with them.

Thank you once again and you will hear my name as an Ambassador for your service.


Rufus Pinto




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