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Hi Sophy,

A lot of things have happened from the last time we saw each other. One of them was that we moved into our new home and since then we have been trying to settle in.
It is a hard job to settle in to a new home but worth it; position the furniture, paintings, unpack, move, clean, organise things, curtains, fence, little touch ups, connections and the list goes on and on…….!

Nobody believes us that we did it in just under a year from the first time we entered the Display Home in Manor Lakes (August 2005) to move into our new home (August 2006). Friends are telling us that this is impossible. Nothing is impossible when you want something. We put down the schedule and stayed focused, know what you want – budget – solve problems – organise builder – timing. Good weather and luck was on our side.

We have to thank many people at Colex Homes. Sophy showed us all stages of the building schedule, they had patience and time to listen to us and advise us. We avoided any hiccups and everything went smoothly compared to other companies. Usually it takes more than one full year to build a house with others.

Many thanks to all at Colex Homes for your effort and job Well Done!

Kind Regards

The Sabdyn Family
Claude, Rose and Brigitte



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